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Adenaline Powerboats
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Building the Worlds Most Exotic High Performance Powerboats. Dream....Design....Create....

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Over the past decade Adrenaline Powerboats has built a reputation as a company with a distinctively different approach to design and unmistakable blend of form and function. The creation and launch of the V-30 was a significant moment as it reflects the company today and the future direction that we are now taking. But it is more than just the launch of a new powerboat. It’s the re-launch of Adrenaline Powerboats as a brand. It is a signal that Adrenaline Powerboats has become a serious contender in the world powerboat market.

Our plans do not end there. With the continued success of the V-30 and our expansion into the global marketplace we have extend our product line to include larger models. The all New VR Fifty and 45 ft Adrenaline’s, stretch the extreme designs of yesterday into the amazing designs of the future. This will allow just a few more people access to what we regard as the worlds most exclusive powerboat company.

However, Adrenaline Powerboats is not to become a mass producer we will not forget that our foundation is built on the unique aspects of the brand that make up our DNA. Adrenaline Powerboats is not about numbers and statistics. We are extremely passionate about the boats we produce and we know this is a passion shared by our customers. All our powerboats will continue to be hand built and tailored to each individual while implementing high technological processes and a constant strive for perfection.

That ethos goes back to the beginning of founder Mike Layton’s visions of what a truly exotic powerboat should be. He believed that a custom powerboat should have a distinctive and individual Character. He felt that it should be built to the highest standards and be exhilarating to drive and own. Our boats are truly unique in their extreme attention to detail and aggressive design. Adrenaline has three elements today: American Muscle, Power and Craftsmanship beyond your industry standards and that of which will never change.

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