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Ballistic Ribs

Ballistic Ribs
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It's almost Pancake Day, so here's last years video where we tried to cook a pancake on a Ballistic RIB! #pancakeday https://t.co/B0by3xmpVr pancakeday
Got a boat? Looking for dry mooring? https://t.co/kjRMZ8Dreo
It's beautifully calm this morning after #DorisDay yesterday - we've got that #FridayFeeling 😀 DorisDay
Hold onto your hats on your way home from work!! #stormdoris #DorisDay stormdoris
94mph winds??? Oh dear! It certainly is windy in the office, we're at Portsmouth Harbour! #stormdoris #DorisDay stormdoris
Here's a great video of our Ballistic 6.5M RIB out on a sea trial last week! 😀 https://t.co/nowZf8zshR
If you would like to book a sea trial on a RIB of your choice, please contact our sales team on 02392 397000 or info@ribsforsale.com.

There are three boats in the Ballistic range: the Ballistic 5.5m, the Ballistic 6.5m and the Ballistic 7.8m. All are capable of supporting heavy loads at speed while at the same time giving a stable and comfortable ride

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The Ballistic RIB design originates from expert Lowestoft boat builder Paul Frankowski, whose aim was to create a high-performance boat with a superior load-carrying capacity. In the mid 1990s, entrepreneur Nick Parish bought the rights to Frankowski's design and created the Ballistic brand. Parish spent a few years developing the Ballistic RIB brand in the leisure and commercial markets from his Hayling Island base before deciding to find a partner to boost production levels.

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