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@Cambrianboats That is one sexy boat if we might say so ourselves!! 😜@SuzukiMarineUK
Perfect partnership....our Eagle 650 in military grey Hypalon with the new Suzuki DF175 APL #BRIG #UltimateRIB… https://t.co/E2PRFtieu1 BRIG
The new @SuzukiMarineUK DF175 is rigged to our BRIG Eagle 650 on display @LondonBoatShow stand C160… https://t.co/bncKb5KWOK
BRIG will have the largest display of RIBs @LondonBoatShow - come and say hello and see the range at C160.… https://t.co/Q2hUyWJhM9
Stunning photo from Simon. A beautiful sunset accompanied by Dolphins....in the Winter!! #BRIG #AllYearBoatingbyBRIG https://t.co/VwfgADlCpt BRIG
Great photo from Simon & Friends taken boating in Salcombe on New Years Eve in their #BRIG Falcon Rider 500… https://t.co/X6KYhiXYkB BRIG
Hi @FinleyHarrison - we will be at this years @LondonBoatShow on stand C160. What are you interested in?

Disigned and built in the Ukraine

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We clean, valet, polish, paint, varnish, service, repair and maintain all types of boat or yacht.

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Moody Boats

Moody Yachts have a tradition in the luxurious cruising yacht sector, which goes back almost 100 years. They offer extremely high quality and come equipped with only the best technology, which makes life on board extremely comfortable.

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