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Big congrats to Team #CenturionBoats Pro Rider David O'Caoimh for winning his heat today at the IWWF World Wakeboar… https://t.co/fu9uyTR6LO CenturionBoats
https://t.co/kkg61Tm2or https://t.co/oUyj3ykLaM
Great performances all around today at the IWWF World Wakeboard Championship. https://t.co/u09tmHX7ix
Centurion Boats Ri217 - 2018 Wake Boat https://t.co/5BlwsGxmv6
https://t.co/M9s9CWucyz https://t.co/zBcdevqq4P
IWWF will have a live feed for the #IWWFWakeWorlds so everyone can witness the #BestofBothWorlds Ri237 runs.... https://t.co/HI9AJ7lYix IWWFWakeWorlds
The Centurion Ri237 is cranking out "Perfect Rides" today with the IWWF and a field of World Champion level riders. https://t.co/ETixdNTir7

Manufacturing World Champion Towboats since 1972

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For over 35 years, Centurion has built high-performance watersports towboats. Focused on innovation for wakeboarding, waterskiing and wake surfing.


With a drag boat-racing national championship and a world record under his belt, Rick Lee, the founder of Centurion Boats, has always been a pioneer in the world of water sports. Before founding Centurion Boats, Rick raced the first turbocharged exotic K-Jet in the 1,600-meter closed course circle class. Then he brought his innate knowledge of hydrodynamics and ability to design high-performance boat hulls to the recreational world.

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