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Cherubini Yachts

Cherubini Yachts
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A teen has helped us surpass our coat drive goal! Nick Rizzo stopped by with 90 coats! #boats @onewarmcoat https://t.co/97OOYVrupF boats
Winds are extreme today. If you have a #boat in our yard, please make sure any covers are secure. Thank you! boat
*Notice the Cherubini 24 is first in line. #boatbuilding #madeinusa #naplesfl #handcrafted #classicboat #snowday https://t.co/uIgtZPteRP boatbuilding
Our Cherub is gearing up for Valentine's Day with ballcaps! Red/black, coral caps and red visors. $20, includes t&s. https://t.co/jG5R6PnqBb
Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and so did we! Six more weeks to work on your boat during the winter! #groundhogday https://t.co/ZAlSgWE2Ay groundhogday
Are we the only ones who can't get enough of old-school #boat #hardware? #sailing #sailboat #madeinusa #woodboat https://t.co/o1WW10J8JH boat
This #handmade #backsplash on Legacy depicts the Cherubini family history -- #boatbuilding, art and music. #resto https://t.co/D5zrTk8hK5 handmade

Classic Beauty. Heavenly Performance

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Welcome to Cherubini Yachts, Where Boat Building is a Family Tradition.

Members of the Cherubini family have been creating classic yacht designs and bringing them to life with unrivaled craftsmanship since the 1920s. My uncles John and Frit are famous for the Cherubini 48 Staysail Schooner and 44 Ketch. These boats are known worldwide for their high quality build, their light air performance, and for their spectacular beauty. The first of these timeless classics was launched more than thirty years ago, and they are still being built. And every Cherubini Yacht is still on the water today. The endurance of these boats and the continuing construction of new Schooners and Ketches is testament to a rare quality of design, build and function.

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