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Cobra Ribs

Cobra Ribs
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We let @PowerboatandRIB take two identical 7.7m Nautique's out for a spin, only difference was the engines. https://t.co/s9dE9bvAXw
The Cobra Nautique 8.2m partnered with the new Suzuki Marine UK 350hp. #jointheadventure https://t.co/PiwPOlAJ6P jointheadventure
RT @ROKKbrand: ROKK your rib! @CobraRibs #southamptonboatshow @SotonBoatShow @SuzukiMarineUK https://t.co/hbnnSfdezO southamptonboatshow
Nice shot sent in a few weeks ago! Fingers crossed the weather holds out for this weekend. #Cobraribs #wakeboarding https://t.co/J6eK9fsJiI Cobraribs
Beautiful photo sent in from a few weekends ago! One of our amazing Cobra’s touring around Old Harry Rocks. https://t.co/jEBBSpZQZB
The 9.5m Nautique Inboard test is in this month's @PowerboatandRIB magazine Make sure you check it out, it's well w… https://t.co/sSa4Psvhoo
We delivered a 2014 6.6m Nautique down to Salcombe over the weekend, when we spotted this 8.6m pottering around the… https://t.co/yHLZ4TU7WG

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Highly respected and stunning custom built Cobra Ribs, luxury power boats / rib boats.


APV Marine Ltd are the sole designers and manufacturers of the highly respected and stunning custom built Cobra Ribs, luxury power boats / rib boats.

APV Marine Ltd have a range of custom rib boats for sale and we are proud to offer the leading Cobra Rib design with its renowned Deep V Hull, in the world famous power boats Nautique range, or in classic Heavy Duty finish, offering a solution to all possible requirements.

Each Cobra is bespoke to your individual needs and start at 6.6m right through to 10.6m in overall length. Cobra has been a leading Rib manufacturer since 1988 and has established a good reputation and customer base across the UK and Europe.

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