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Dariel Boats

Dariel Boats
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Custom Built Luxury Boats

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The Dariel brand has gained its worldwide reputation for captivating design and unparalleled attention to detail. A DARIEL BOAT combines power and sporting ability with refinement, luxury and exceptional beauty. DARIEL BOATS are hand crafted in Bergamo, ITALY and built to the highest standard of quality and designed to provide the ultimate experience in Rigid Inflatable Boats.
These vessels are fast, practical, luxurious and ergonomic to ensure that the transfer from the dock to your yacht or anchorage is safe and comfortable.
Dariel is a family owned and operated company that injects a passion for quality and a desire to receive continued refinement through repeat customers and feedback for design development.
Each of the vessels you shall observe through this site has been extensively studied, products researched and refinements incorporated to develop a truly customized and luxurious experience.

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