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Dubarry's sailing footwear is enjoyed and trusted by sailors worldwide

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Our reputation for designing and producing great kit continues to set the benchmark for on board performance, style and quality.

We have always listened to what sailors need from their kit, and it was from this approach that Crosshaven was born. This fantastic boot is gaining a reputation as the very best out there, and is the pinnacle of our several years experience in footwear design and manufacture.

Dubarry Sailing Boots, Sports Shoes, Deck Shoes and Casual Footwear all benefit from our award-winning sole system. The Dubarry NonSlip – NonMarking™ outsole, was born out of a brief to Dubarry's in–house design team to produce 'the best non–slip rubber outsole for grip on deck'. The result of that research and design work is a sole system that significantly reduces the potential for aquaplaning or slipping and is trusted by sailors around the world.

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