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Develop and sell boats with the highest performance in Functionality, Reliability and Perceived Quality, satisfying customers and consumers, generating sustainability for the company business.

Boat Manufacturer
General info

From a small company of nautical fiber-based accessories to the first outboard created in 1993, including the launching of the Style line in 1998, until entering the segment of motorboats over 28 feet in 2008, the company has constantly launched new models of leisure boats, increasing its structure and obtaining an average yearly growth of 20%.

Currently, its two production lines in the factory, located in an area of 6,700m2 in Itajaí (SC), produce models of boats measuring from 16 to 31 feet with the highest design and technical quality, which require careful work from approximately 300 employees producing an average of 100 boats/month.

In a scenario of constant expansion of the nautical segment in Brazil in recent years, Fibrafort has known how to make good use of the knowledge acquired in the constant consumer satisfaction surveys, obtaining differentiated quality and innovation of finishing and accessories, as well as attendance and technical assistance for customers.
This led to the renowned speedboats of the brand, as the Style 200, Style 280 GT and Style 310GT, besides the Style 190, the speedboat most sold in Brazil.

The company currently has the largest larges resales and technical assistance network of the segment in Brazil – with 32 domestic dealers, present in 32 countries, to which it exports a part of its monthly production, in countries such as Holland, Russia and Germany.

During the constant changes from the natural growth of the company, Fibrafort has maintained intact some business pillars since its foundation. There has been constant enhancement and investment in capacitating its team of employees, generating sustainability for the company business and the assertiveness and constant search for excellence.

Today the company has the total control of fiber manufacturing and exclusive vendors with high standard raw material and knowledge of the market. These are attributes which grant Fibrafort the capacity to interpret and materialize the customer desires for comfort and functionality, launching exclusive innovations every season.

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