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@jaimelizon2 Hi Jamie, so sorry to hear about the dog attack! Glad you found that tree! Please get in touch with ou… https://t.co/5lWeVJuSyI
@hollynater Hi Holly, please take a look at this FAQ we've created: https://t.co/7PaeSk5wEb If issues persist, plea… https://t.co/4TddHgKQmo
@place_s Hi Sheryl, I'd like to research this for you. What type of activity are you trying to sync? Does this happ… https://t.co/Pbq5voE0cw
@Jillybean516 Just to jump in real quick, if you are happy with the watch, you can add a heart rate strap for incre… https://t.co/1hTTumqWcf
@penguinpunk Dan, we are sorry to hear you have not gotten a response. We would like to look into this for you. Can… https://t.co/xZZCGMQNwq
@RaulSoriaMN Please make sure you're exercising caution when you purchase Garmin products (or anything else) online… https://t.co/NNaafzrMcR
@Kovenzi Thank you for reaching out to us. We're happy to look into your inquiry. If you still have yet to hear bac… https://t.co/FNL4OIIp2N

The Power of Simple

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Sophisticated technology that is extremely easy to use...that's the Power of Simple.

Garmin is dedicated to making your time on the water powerfully simple. And it is a philosophy

that is especially evident in all our new Garmin marine products coming your way in 2014.

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