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It’s officially Spring but with the unpredictable climate, there's no guarantee for better weather. That’s why we’r… https://t.co/27vbsghlnf
#TravelTuesday ⛵️💭 📸 @thisldu on Instagram https://t.co/FJYKg21wTG TravelTuesday
Good luck to Paul Schulz (CEO of Gill Australia) & Dave Kenny on The Edge on their way to Osaka in the Melbourne To… https://t.co/UNwyJtNGef
RT @GillAustralia: “Blessing of the Melbourne Osaka Cup fleet this morning. Time for some reflection on what it's taken to get here and wha…
Designed and engineered to accompany the Hydrophobe Down collection for the ultimate protection against the element… https://t.co/v1nL9rjUWN
#MiniBeastFromTheEast - we are ready for you. ❄️ https://t.co/7V7bWiYO6c MiniBeastFromTheEast
Waterproof, windproof and breathable.Get ready for the weekend with the OS3 range. 🌧 DESIGNED & ENGINEERED FOR THE… https://t.co/9Q6mOXA8AE

Respect The Elements

Clothing Manufacturer
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A company that only does one thing, we make ultra-technical sailing clothing and equipment. Successful design is like sailing. You have to respect the elements.

Whether it’s our sailing jackets, gloves, or boots we design everything by listening to sailors and their needs, and we test everything both in our lab and on the water to make sure our sailing kit delivers

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