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Glider Yachts

Glider Yachts
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Glider Yachts - A New Dimension in High Speed Luxury

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Born from a vision to produce the most luxurious high performance sports boats in the world for those looking for the ultimate blend of performance and luxury. Where cutting-edge design and timeless elegance, exquisite finishes and seductive power combine for a sublime blend of speed, exhilaration and fun. Every feature from the styling to hidden technology plays a part in the delivery of a powerful craft with superb handling that is always supremely luxurious and without comparison in ride comfort.

This vessel is the result of seven years of British engineering, research and design. A spacious cabin with beautiful leather sports seating with carbon fibre, fine brushed aluminium and elegant upholstery all conspire to create a sublime bespoke interior of exceptional majesty.

Hand built in Great Britain by talented craftsman who are driven by an uncompromising passion for excellence committed to building the world's ultimate sports day boats. The Glider SS and HS raised passenger platform bring an unprecedented level of refinement to luxury marine travel. The incredible stability and power gracefully deliver the thrill of very high speed without the discomfort associated with traditional sports boats, even in the choppiest of seas.

The blistering speed and stability, together with range and most importantly, comfort at high speed, bring previously out of reach destinations within easy and comfortable access. A day trip from the Solent to France, Monaco to Saint Tropez or Mallorca to Ibiza is now less than an hour away, with the peace of mind, that all aboard will have a thrilling, comfortable and above all safe journey. Upon arrival, the shallow draft allows access to even the most out of reach bays and anchoring close to the shore and even beach landings.

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