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Jupiter Marine

Jupiter Marine
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1103, Palmetto

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#JupiterMarine #CenterConsoles #BoatLife https://t.co/L8bdlAgYS9 JupiterMarine
Thank you Miami! You have always been good to us! Look forward to next year! #JupiterMarine #MIBS2017 https://t.co/mmcwX0qBgu JupiterMarine
@MiamiBoatShow Take this opportunity to step aboard a Jupiter as our entire fleet is here! Pier 3/4 Slips 351-358.… https://t.co/lPS0xiWAm3
Day 3 of the @MiamiBoatShow !!! Step aboard a Jupiter today...we have 8 boats on display! #JupiterMarine #MIBS2017 https://t.co/KxcBHtWYde JupiterMarine
We are ready for day 2 @MiamiBoatShow!! Visit us at pier 4 slips 351-358..... 8 boats on display! #JupiterMarine https://t.co/tdHGW3nPch JupiterMarine
Today kicks off @MiamiBoatShow! Visit us at pier 4 slips 351-358. #JupiterMarine #MIBS2017 #BoatShow #BoatLife https://t.co/ArhtkACLfI JupiterMarine
#JupiterMarine #BoatShow #MIBS2017 #BoatLife #WelcomeToMiami #CenterConsoles https://t.co/HUBlSh0YxQ JupiterMarine

Jupiter Marine International is on the cutting edge of boat design and development.

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Jupiter boats are specifically designed to run at high speeds in offshore sea conditions while, at the same time, providing passengers with a smooth, comfortable and amazingly dry ride under adverse conditions. Custom-built to each owner's specifications.


Using only the highest quality materials and the finest craftsmen, we handcraft each Jupiter boat to the owner's exact specifications. Customizing our products to your requirements is what sets us apart as a premium semi-custom boat builder and you as an astute boat owner.

We invite you to cruise this site to learn more about the full line of Jupiter sportfishing boats. We welcome your comments and questions.

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