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The #1 Watersports Towboat In The World - Whether you wakeboard, surf, ski or just want to hang out with family and friends, we have a boat for everyone and every budget.

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Since its inception, Malibu Boats has understood that a boat doesn’t have to be just a material possession, but instead it can be an influential member of the family. From your sunset rides to your weeklong vacations, Malibu is focused on helping you build memories of enjoyment and togetherness. These memories require a peace of mind and satisfaction with your purchase decision and Malibu understands that your ultimate satisfaction is derived from the perfect balance of innovation, performance, styling and quality. These four elements create the core value that Malibu delivers to you.

There’s a difference between buying the most expensive and buying the best. We keep our overhead low, invest in our people and are focused on building the best boat possible. Our focus towards these essential activities enables us to deliver you a product that produces both peace of mind and a lifetime of memories

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