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RYANI has developed a hub on its website to bring together resources on cruising, navigation and the environment.

The website is home to a vast range of easy-to-read information and includes links to guidance on many key topics, including cruising tips, regulations and current affairs.

It also links to sites such as the Irish Lights MetOcean Page or Notices to Mariners and has a section on key consultations in Northern Ireland. It is a challenging time to keep up-to-date on issues such as Brexit but information on the most pressing matters can also be accessed on RYA Current Affairs, with latest advice and updates available to members.

RYANI’s Chief Operating Officer Richard Honeyford said: “The RYANI Cruising and Environment Group is dedicated to keeping up to date on the latest developments in Northern Ireland. It works with key stakeholders to protect boaters’ rights.

“Using all of this information to update the RYANI website, we now have a fantastic resource for our members. It is a hub which includes up-to-date, useful and comprehensive information and guidance on the many issues around cruising, navigation and the environment.”

To find out more, simply click www.ryani.org.uk  Knowledge Base and click on each section for the relevant information:




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