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Vexus Boats, a new Arkansas-based boat manufacturer, will unveil a new boat and trailer model combination Saturday, Aug. 11, during the Forrest Wood Cup in Hot Springs.

The location for the unveiling will be Trader Bill's Outdoor Sports, the host dealer for the event. Trader Bill’s is located at 1530 Albert Pike Road. The event is scheduled from 8 a.m. to noon.

The Flippin, Ark., company specializes in the production of both aluminum and fiberglass fishing boats as well as custom-matched trailers.

Forrest L. Wood, the founder of Ranger Boats and widely acknowledged developer of the modern bass boat, will attend the event, stated Keith Daffron, president of Advanced Marine Performance LLC, Vexus Boats’ parent company, in an email.

The Forrest Wood Cup is being contested at Lake Ouachita this coming weekend.

For those not able to attend, Vexus Boats will posting Facebook Live videos highlighting the new AVX design. Additional photos and video of the boat and trailer combination will be posted on the company’s website starting Saturday.

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