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NEW Crossing The Wild Pacific Captains Log of the Yacht Argo by Robert R Tisch Crossing the Wild Pacific is a stunn… https://t.co/XrAKLICAho
The newest Nordhavn to be shipped from the factory is Nordhavn 60 hull 74, which arrived in Turkey. After offload,… https://t.co/BOy5nfOYxn
PAE announces launch of new N100 https://t.co/ra1tmFLHUd https://t.co/lJ2Zy3Ufp6
All in a day’s work for a Nordhavn 40 I told a friend that I had one heck of a boat ride last Wednesday. I had lis… https://t.co/HCk8niSnPj
Routinely Extraordinary Nordhavn’s Naval Architect, Jeff Leishman, is the brand’s unintentionally hidden gem https://t.co/VcfEBJNp9Q
After a year-long search for buyers who would be savvy enough to take advantage of the incredible offer that was No… https://t.co/tq0S3ODiUu
New Delivery: N6071 https://t.co/vRYSNKz2la https://t.co/GbD1FH8eOU

Nordhavn - Designing and building the best quality and most seaworthy yachts available worldwide.

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What lies ahead in the future for PAE? More of the same: more boats, more challenges, more successes. PAE has survived the economic crisis without serious damage and is positioned to enjoy the economic recovery as it continues to develop. Both factories are still operating at under 50% capacity and will be filled with orders and new projects in the months and years ahead. The owners of PAE owe a great debt of gratitude to the customers, employees, suppliers and friends who have helped the company grow from its humble beginnings in 1974 and who have helped survived the last 4 challenging years. Since PAE was founded, nearly 850 new boats have been delivered, and about twice as many brokerage boats to customers of all ranges of experience, age, background and nationality. The marketing which PAE produces today such as media, web site and boat shows is now secondary to the viral marketing provided by the over 500 Nordhavn owners themselves.

Based on their experience of continually outdoing themselves, the team at PAE knows there is always room for improvement. The superb and seasoned staff works with the commitment, dedication, skill, talent, integrity and ambition brought by the three owners Jim Leishman, Jeff Leishman and Dan Streech, so anything is possible. There are numerous ideas, plans and dreams as yet unfulfilled. So stay tuned...

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Nordhavn - Designing and building the best quality and most seaworthy yachts available worldwide.

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