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@PressMareItalia Grazie!
Thank you @pmyacht !
Sailing https://t.co/QgYWv9bxlT
I need the sea because it teaches me. Pablo Neruda https://t.co/L5EcjFUKLl
sea free https://t.co/YPMR2eMjIm
Life is better on the boat https://t.co/ikruVgnPJW
Brunch on board - RIO 42 AIR - Rio Yachts https://t.co/gGBM1eF4zx

We dedicate all our efforts to those who love the sea and offshore cruising.

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For 50 years we have worked wood and fiberglass, brass and steel, we have installed jet propulsion and outboard engines, we have excited thousands of yachtsmen, we have built boats admired by newcomers and appreciated by conoisseurs, but especially we have spread the love for the sea and the italian style.


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Tradition of quality. Tradition of quality means placing great value on the content rather than the appearance. It means research and excellent skills which, fed by a great passion, help us to try to give our best, always. In practice, the attitude of loo

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