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The Legacy Penny: a timeless, handsewn loafer in gorgeous grey leather #sebagocrafted https://t.co/NiJcBrV0tU sebagocrafted
Settling into fall (@FRANKOSH in the HERITAGE) https://t.co/gwKTgZ30ML
Even cats love us #NationalCatDay #LiveYourBest https://t.co/IfdIOjFEpT NationalCatDay
Handsewn Loafers all day long: LEGACY & PLAZA #LiveYourBest https://t.co/CAXjZI6VS4 LiveYourBest
Casual & Comfortable. The SMYTH Chukka is the perfect everyday boot #SebagoCrafted https://t.co/LIYo9SZ78I SebagoCrafted
The PLAZA Chelsea: modern, sleek, and versatile #LiveYourBest https://t.co/KryioaoPzL LiveYourBest
Making the ordinary, extraordinary (@MoorehisStyle in the LEGACY Penny) #LiveYourBest https://t.co/zyzfLHgFBO LiveYourBest

Sebago represents authentic product and timeless designs. Our original, handsewn Docksides boat shoe and Classic beefroll penny loafer haven’t changed since we first crafted them decades ago.

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The Sebago-Moc Company is founded in 1946 by three New England natives: Daniel J. Wellehan, Sr., William Beaudoin and Joseph Cordeau. Their first shoe, the hand-sewn penny loafer, was styled after the popular Indian moccasins and pioneered what would become the company's patented welt construction

Sebago today remains true to its core, sponsoring a variety of sailing team and races, becoming the main sponsor of the 1992 America's Cup syndicate "Defender" and later the 1995 Young America team. Prior to, in 1994, Sebago launches its waterproof Drysides®.

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