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Tour de France Voile

Tour de France Voile
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Belle manière de préparer le #TourVoile que de remporter ce grand prix de la Grande Motte pour ces trois jeunes pro… https://t.co/FKtO1xBeiT TourVoile
[GRAND PRIX DE LA GRANDE MOTTE] ☝️RDV à la Grande Motte pour la toute 1️⃣ère régate du circuit @Diam24OD en vue du… https://t.co/IWZiSEjxcw
🚺 Elles sont nombreuses à faire partie de l'aventure #TourVoile, autant à terre qu'en mer !… https://t.co/FagVll17un TourVoile
En Bretagne ou dans le sud, les @Diam24OD enchaînent les entraînements en vue du #TourVoile 2018 ! 💪 🔜 Fin mars, rd… https://t.co/e1qlacXchn TourVoile
🏆 BRAVO Beijaflore ! Le Team mené par @valentin_bellet remporte l'EFG #SailingArabia The Tour ! 📸 @Lloyd_Images https://t.co/b8ClotQAN4 SailingArabia
👋🏻 Bienvenue au Team jeune européen qui portera les couleurs de Pink Lady Pays de l’Or Hérault ! #TourVoile https://t.co/LH9UKNOSKR TourVoile
RT @CEM_LGM: Team Jeune/Européen, les voilà ! Pieter Tack (BEL), Johann Kholhoff (GER), Jacopo Rizzi (ITA) et Romain Simonnot (FRA) en rout…

The birth of a crewed race on an equal footing "I praise God every day. He created the world. He let me create the Tour de France à la Voile." In the late 70s, Bernard Decré wanted to launch a one-design regatta, with all sailors racing the same boat

Races and Events
General info

From the Farr 30 to the M34, Bertrand Pacé wins eight times
The Mumm 30, very critiqued at the beginning, quickly became the sailors' favourite boat though, starting with the great Bertand Pacé. The native from Dunkirk won his first TFV in 1979 onboard his city's boat, when he wasn't even 18, and won again three decades later, his seventh victory. The successor of the Mumm 30, the M34 boat built by the Archambault boatyard didn't stop him - Pacé also won the first race sailed in M34, his eighth victory.

From racing-cruising to offshare racing
Since 1978, thousands of sailors have discovered the French coast, got pushed back by the Channel currents, asked their position to Brittany's fishermen and heeled under the Mistral wind. From a joyful racing-cruising event, the Tour de France à la Voile turned into a great offshore sailing school for many young and talented sailors, and then a high-level competition with great champions taking part.

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