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Word Match Racing Tour

Word Match Racing Tour
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🇸🇪 & 🇩🇰 stay on top as @MnsHolmberg and @JonasWarrer secure #TOP2 qualification spots @ Malvarrosa Match Cup to qua… https://t.co/zg7AaWc1aZ TOP2
#EssiqRacingTeam win in Valencia and secure their invite to WMRT Championship season with Danish… https://t.co/WBDkKxWPgw EssiqRacingTeam
#MirskyRacingTeam are 2017 WMRT Match Racing World Champions #wmrt #wmrtChina MirskyRacingTeam
#NirskyRacingTeam lead by half a leg at final downwind. World Championship is in his hands 🏆 #WMRT @lachy_gilmour NirskyRacingTeam
Crucial match point and @PhilRobRacing are OCS #wmrt #wmrtChina wmrt
#MirskyRacingTeam 2-1 up and lead in this race. This could be it #WMRT https://t.co/Jz8u4QKOOH MirskyRacingTeam
@spindriftracing finish 3rd @ WMRT Match Racing World Championship #wmrt #wmrtChina https://t.co/qnTSsY4G2T wmrt

WHAT IS MATCH RACING? A match race is a duel between two identically-matched boats and at the end of the race there is a winner -and a loser. Match racing has its own set of rules, which are slightly different from the regular racing rules.

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