BEIS publishes an intended update to the list of designated standards to the RCR (Recreational Craft Regulations)

Published on: 14 December 2022


The Department of Business Energy and Industrial strategy has published its intentions to add the following ISO standard to the list of designated standards to the RCR:  

  • EN ISO 10087:2022 – Small craft – Craft identification – Coding system (ISO 10087:2022) 

You can access the full proposal here:

Proposal to Amend 0074/22: Designated Standards – Recreational Craft (

This is a proposed update to the list of standards that businesses can use to show their products, services or processes comply with essential requirements of legislation, in this case the recreational craft regulations. This process is the UK equivalent to the EU harmonisation of standards to the RCD. 


BEIS proposals for new or amended notices to the list of designated standards are actioned 29 days after their publication on the webpage, unless they are withdrawn or further modified before that date. Interested parties may object to a publication proposal within the 28-day timeframe by submitting an objection form to the email The objection must outline why the standard does not meet GB essential requirements either fully or partly. 

The 28-day period will end on the 29 December 2022 at which this standard will become designated unless a valid objection is filed.


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