BEIS publishes an update to the list of designated standards to the Recreational Craft Regulations

Published on: 04 January 2023


The Department of Business Energy and Industrial strategy (BEIS) has published its amendments to the list of designated standards (the ISO standards which if followed give an automatic presumption of conformity).

The notice is split into two annexes. Annex 1 has two parts; part one shows the new standards which are now being designated, and part 2 gives the full list of all designated standards.


The new standards being designated are as follows:

  • EN ISO 10087:2022 Small craft – Craft identification – Coding system (ISO 10087:2022)

Annex 2 of the notice gives the dates that standards will have their designation removed, i.e. you will no longer be able to use that particular revision of the standard for automatic presumption of conformity. Again this annex is split into 2 parts with part one listing new entries with a removal date and part 2 with the full list dates of standards being removed.


Part 1 includes the following new entries:

  • EN ISO 10087:2019 Small craft – Craft identification – Coding system (ISO 10087:2019) – to be removed 17th April 2024

The full notice with the 2 annexes can be found here


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