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It was 2002. Luca Santella, a naval architect and an Olympic sailing champion, designed an original never-seen-before motoryacht for the owner of the 50’sailing boat he was skippering. It was a one-of-a-kind 55’very original project totally far from any traditional known shape.
The boat, called Luja 55′, first walk-around model of this dimension, was published by all the major boating magazines.

An enthusiastic Italian enterpreneur, Carlo C. Bonomi, formerly an off-shore World Champion and among the many business major stakehoder of Seatek, the italian high performance diesel engine manufacturer, read an article on Luja 55′ walk around, fell in love with the boat and decided to start a production with Santella. In this way Bluegame was born.

From the original design, with the help of. Louis T. Codega, better known as Lou, a well reputed naval engineer, designer of many a successful hulls among which the Ales Trophy record winner 222′ Destriero, Bluegame developed its first model 47′ walkaround, introduced in Portofino, in spring 2004.
Now based in Massa, in the heart of the best known and skilled italian naval production district, Blugame boatyard is building three walk around models, 40′, 47′, 60′ and now the new entry BG50′ with the contribution of very skilled engineers and handicrafts, best expression of the local boatbuilding culture of the area.

Business Slogan:
Each Different – Bluegame builds high-quality, innovative yachts. Bluegame fleet ranges from 40 feet to our flagship at 60 feet

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