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Timeless designs and enduring quality never go out of style. At Coastal Craft we have always offered functional designs that never compromise the integrity of the boat. This approach has attributed to the overall success of the line up of boats and the company. Good designs should incorporate safety, functionality, convenience, quality and style. Safety is always of foremost importance when considering design. The boat should be designed for the purpose it was intended for. It must be seaworthy and uncompromised in the conditions it was intended to be used. Stability and strength are never compromised for a more desirable interior layout. Details such as wide side decks with high rails, good handholds both outside and inside, aggressive non-slip deck coatings for sure footing, safe passageways between deck levels, the use of high quality hatches, windows and doors, unrestricted sight lines from all helm positions, adequate deck scuppers, watertight compartments and bulkheads through out, proper bilge water evacuation, fire suppression systems, etc… All attribute to a safe and functional design. A good design is a functional design. A true test of a yachts functionality comes with time. The more time one spends living and cruising on board a boat will determine if the boat’s designers considered the actual vessel usage and not just looks when deciding on what details to incorporate into the boat. Features that may look good on display at a boat show, may not fare so well in the real live world of boating where the environment is dynamic and structures are continuously strained and tested.

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Coastal Craft – Custom Craft, Exceptional Performance.

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