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It was originally set up on the banks of Lake Como by its founder, Giovanni Cranchi.In his home village, San Giovanni di Bellagio, the enterprising Giovanni opened his first workshop around 1866, even though the true date of foundation of the company is 1870, the year when it was officially registered.Originally, the company made boats on commission for fishermen and for the transport of goods and passengers.At the end of the nineteenth century, Lake Como was the site of a large number of operations linked to the nautical world, at a time when there were neither motor vehicles nor roads. With the various types of traffic on the lake – merchant shipping, military operations and, later, tourist excursions – it was possible to see vessels of every imaginable kind on a waterway which was the scene of much more intense activities than those of the present time..

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Tradition of quality. Tradition of quality means placing great value on the content rather than the appearance. It means research and excellent skills which, fed by a great passion, help us to try to give our best, always. In practice, the attitude of loo

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