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Cresta Motor Yachts
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Today, Cresta is a composition of past and present.

Cresta Motor Yachts have engineered 3 new and innovative vessels comprising input from an experienced management team. Its Naval Architects were hungry to demonstrate their ability to capture the latest the world has to offer in design techniques and building composites. The result is astounding. Vessels can be produced in survey for charter operators or ‘custom’.
Using the most advanced technology in milling, its 5 axis milling machine ensures absolute precision in the more complex tasks of routing, rebating, planing and cutting. The process generates high quality results over a shorter construction period. Cresta strives to capture the latest in “greening” principles in both design and manufacturing.
Our production facility is located in a magnificent part of the world in a coastal town of China famous for its capacity to support the marine industry. It is a magnet for skilled tradesmen; the climate is good, the environment healthy and the boat building industry vibrant. Opportunity to work with similarly skilled tradesmen from Australia and New Zealand is highly sought after, and our cross cultural environment is a successful recipe for the best of all worlds.
Cresta is headquartered at the heart of Australia’s boating mecca, Sanctuary Cove, Queensland.

Business Slogan:
Absolute Luxury Motor Yachts Established in 1965 Cresta enjoyed early success as producers of very safe, robust and reliable motor yachts. When prospective customers thought Cresta they thought “Quality, Comfort, Workmanship and Dependability

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