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Delta Powerboats
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Delta Powerboats
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Delta Powerboats run by Swedes Lennart Alpstål, Lars Modin and Karl Wessel. As a small and entrepreneurial company with a responsive relationship with their customers evolve Delta quickly. Approximately 300 boats, divided into ten different models for 25 to 88 feet, were delivered during its first ten years. Eight of these models are in production today.

The characteristic smoothness, the industry-leading fuel economy, the functional and timeless design are the hallmark characteristics of the Delta can be traced back to the very first 25-footer when it was introduced.

Delta Powerboats makes boats for those who seek a good balance between form and function, between new technology and meticulous craftsmanship, between performance and environmental stewardship. For those who want a boat that can be relied on in all kinds of weather, for many years to come.

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Delta Powerboats
Delta Powerboats is Scandinavia’s fastest growing motorboat brand. Since its inception in 2003 the company has developed innovative boats at a high tempo. Delta’s goal is to be the leader in boat design, innovation and sustainability.

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