Revolver Boats

Revolver Boats
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Revolver Boats – Elegance translates into classic proportions, soft shape and aggressive details.
In other words, coherence: a perfect balance between technical and functional volumes.
Indeed this boat is larger than off-shores and slimmer than regular boats.

Dynamic means that our boats has the notorious performance and good handling of all MPYD boats. In addition, they show a powerful, balanced and harmonious personality:
that sort of internal energy that you see in a big cat, even at rest.

Functional means easy to live with, comfortable and safe. Boats are packed with technology, but you will hardly notice it since there is nothing superfluous or redundant.

Safetymeans to have – beside the compulsory protection systems – an ergonomic boat
with sophisticated electronic systems to prevent possible accidents.

Unique has a lot to do with the impressive beauty of our boats. Their mix of elegance and
aggressiveness sets a new standard and creates a new category: the GT sport boats.

MPYDMichael Peters Yacht Design with his crisp, minimalist style created a moving sculpture!

Business Slogan:
We change the rules of the game
United Kingdom

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