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Saare Yachts
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Saare Paat AS was founded in 1991 and has since moved from crafting customary wooden boats to developing the company’s own trademarks. The company is based on local capital. The idea to start Saare Marine Industries, the predecessor of Saare Paat, came upon the founders when sitting around a cafe table.

The first business plan and the models were roughed out there and then on a little white napkin as no paper was at hand. The famous napkin now stands framed in our office and witnesses the work on the Saare line of cruising yachts, the pride of the company.

The Saare yachts, designed by the Finnish experienced and renowned Karl-Johan Stråhlmann, are intended for those demanding quality, safety and comfort as well as good handling and speed. Therefore, it is cruising refined.

With only a small number of yachts in the making at the same time, each of them has the full attention of our staff. Clients’ requests for customization are gladly met. The composite materials used are tested by scientists from the Department of Materials Engineering at the Tallinn University of Technology. Samples are taken straight from the production process. To boat owners, this is an assurance of quality.

Business Slogan:
At Saare Paat AS, we are working hard to make the most of modern technologies and our heritage. Located on the small island of Saaremaa in the Baltic Sea, we are part of an ancient local maritime culture and boat building traditions.

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