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It follows the production of many models created to satisfy the needs of a clientele that begins to take a new product which supports the convenience and security of a dinghy, the comfort and design of a boat.

On;wave of these hits was founded in 2001 the Scanner s.r.l. that, adding to the;experience gained over the years the results achieved by collaboration with the most famous manufacturers of marine engines, become a point of reference in design and;marine industry innovation.

Drafts and drawings, as the;preparation of cantalejo, are the result of years of study in various situations of use with adverse weather conditions beyond all limits, to get to the solution of the best materials and building technologies, coming to a perfect synergy with the;marine environment where the hull is to be confronted.

THE;constructive evolution of these craft would be perfect synchronization between design, speed, functionality, versatility and safety of navigation, in full compliance with the physical laws that fight when nature is manifested in all its strength to those who dare play her.

The Scanner is recognized for producing high-quality boats, featuring an original design and a;excellent seaworthiness.

The Scanner is represented worldwide by dealers who have espoused the philosophy of;company offering the customer technical and commercial assistance.

Business Slogan:
The;company has occupied for many years of the study of increasingly functional solutions, and it is in 1993 you see made, on an international scale, the project “SCANNER”.

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