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Technohull designs, produces and sells luxury, high performance RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats). Established in 2005, Technohull very quickly became one of the global leaders in its sector. Success was the result of hard work, devotion, innovative thinking and design combined with exceptional quality and attention to detail. These elements are Technohull’s heart and spirit.
Each of our vessels stands out for superior performance, dynamic design and top quality materials and offers a most unique boating experience.

In Technohull we aim to create a series of the most advanced offshore RIB vessels, that ensure a leading combination of speed, handling and practicality. In order to combine unique performance, smooth riding quality, easy handing and unparalleled stability in very high speed levels, every each of Technohull’s models is designed from scratch, so as to best fit the length, the purpose and the different performance requirements that it has. The result is a series of boats very fast and fuel efficient, which offer high performance and sophisticated design, very safe and seaworthy and are suitable for pleasure, long distance traveling, yacht support, as tenders or follow-tenders, and of course, any other special use

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Full Scream Ahead
Iroos Matsi & Archeo, Alimos, Greece

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