Changes to government departments

Published on: 16 February 2023


The Prime Minister has announced a number of changes to government departments, including those which British Marine regularly works with.  Described as more of a rewiring than reshuffle, the changes illustrate the importance now being placed on energy security and the net zero agenda, in addition to the government’s need to address the economic challenges that have increased since the UK’s exit from the EU, the Covid pandemic, the war in Ukraine.   

Below is a brief summary of the key changes.  We will provide further information as and when relevant ministerial roles have been confirmed.   


A single Department for Business and Trade, led by Kemi Badenock

With a focus on backing business by improving access to finance and delivering a pro-enterprise regulatory system ; promoting British businesses on the global stage and attracting high-value investment, including through high quality Free Trade Agreements; promoting competitive markets and addressing market distorting practises to support growth, whilst protecting consumers; championing free trade; ensuring economic security and supply chain resilience; supporting economic growth and innovation by removing unnecessary regulatory burdens.


A new Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, led by Grant Shapps

With a key focus on bringing down energy bills and reducing inflation; ensuring the UK is on track to meet its legally binding carbon budgets and Net Zero commitments; helping the economy to grow by significantly speeding up delivery of network infrastructure and green energy; improving the energy efficiency of UK homes, businesses and public sector buildings; and delivering the Energy Bill.


A dedicated Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, led by Michelle Donelan

Aims to increase the level of private R&D to make our economy the most innovative in the world; promoting a diverse research and innovation system that connects discovery to new companies, growth and jobs. The new department will take over the sponsorship of UKRI, which will remain our largest and most important funder of R&D.


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