Department for Transport opens a consultation on the future of marine propulsion and the route to net zero emissions

Published on: 04 August 2022

DIT 14102021

The DfT (Department for Transport) is seeking views and evidence on the best path to net zero emissions in 2050 for the domestic maritime sector, including where there is opportunity to accelerate decarbonisation across sub-sectors.

DfT is looking to gather feedback on the barriers to maritime decarbonisation and explore the technological, operational and policy options that could be used to address these barriers.

The evidence received during this consultation will be used in the development of decarbonisation targets for the domestic maritime sector. It will also help to shape any future long-term interventions that the government plans to make in this area.

These indicative targets and details of the longer-term interventions required to achieve full decarbonisation will be included in an update of the Clean Maritime Plan, to be published in 2023.

The consultation can be found here and is open until the 6 October 2022.

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