Help stop the spread of invasive plants and animals in our waters

Published on: 03 November 2022

Plants and animals from all over the world have been introduced to British waters by people, usually accidentally. These are known as non-native species. Most are harmless but some become invasive. Over fifty different invasive freshwater species have already been found in our lakes, rivers and other waters and the number of new arrivals is increasing rapidly.

Invasive non-native species cause serious environmental problems that can be irreversible and interfere with the activities your customers enjoy by clogging propellers, damaging boats, blocking up waterways making it hard to fish or use them for paddling and increasing the risk of flooding.

Find out more about some of the invasive plants and animals in our waters.

Invasive species can be small and hard to spot so are easily spread on damp equipment and clothing. Your customers can help to protect the environment and activities they enjoy by keeping their kit free of invasive plants and animals: 

A range of free Check Clean Dry materials are available to help you raise your customers’ awareness, including biosecurity signs to display by entry and exit points to the water. 

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