Hugh Morrison 1939-2023

Many individuals and clubs have expressed their sadness at the passing of Hugh Morrison, a dedicated sailor who gave much of his time to his clubs and the wider sport in a variety of roles.

From his voluntary club roles and extensive participation to leading RYA Scotland as Chair, to providing a wealth of knowledge to our committees, Hugh showed exceptional commitment and dedication to the sport.

Having been a member of the Clyde Cruising Club since 1968, he became an engaged committee member in 1975 through to becoming Rear and Vice Commodore from 1978-1981 and finally Commodore from 1994-95.

The CCC noted, “Hugh started sailing at aged 9 in a National 12 and has been ‘on the water’ ever since. Through dinghies at school, to flying fifteens he graduated to keelboats in the 1960’s. His first was Kiruna followed by Kiruna before his two Contessa’s and Moody, all named Quaila.”

Portraits  of Hugh Morrison and his boats Quaila

Hugh started the RYA Scotland Cruiser Racer Committee in 1982 and became Chair of RYA Scotland between 1989-1991, when he oversaw some of the biggest physical changes as the office moved from Ainslie Place in Edinburgh to it’s current location in South Gyle. Hugh remained the Scottish representative on  RYA Council for a number of years and was highly regarded for his input to RYA Scotland Cruising and General Purposes committee. Hugh continued to cruise and race until very recently.

Brian Wilson, the current Chair of RYA Scotland said.

“It has become very clear the impact Hugh has had in shaping RYA Scotland as an organisation, particularly as we reflected on his long association as a volunteer across different areas, from racing, cruising and as a former Chair. Such exceptional commitment to the sport of sailing throughout his lifetime has benefitted many others over the years and we are extremely grateful for Hugh’s diligent contribution and extend our deepest sympathies with his family at this time.”

Portraits  of Hugh Morrison and his boats Quaila

Charles Bird, the current Committee Chair added.

“Hugh was a long-standing, valued and respected member. Others will know of Hugh’s dedication and contribution to the wider work of the RYA and RYA Scotland and I have been hugely grateful to him for his role on the C&GPC in the recent years since I became Chair.  Hugh was gentle, wise, knowledgeable and fair but firm in his counsel and his opinion.  I always knew when I picked up the phone and heard his voice say, “Hugh Morrison here…..” that I was going to be given some useful information, wise advice or careful instruction on how to follow up on something he had spotted or been thinking about. We will miss him, not just for his wisdom and experience, but for who he was, for being Hugh.”

The funeral will be held on Tuesday 28th February at 12 o’clock at The Hurlet Crematorium, Glasgow, G53 7TH.   Hugh requested that no Black Ties be worn to his funeral.










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