What was the fishing port on the estuary is now the meeting place for paddle boarders, windsurfers, canoeists, and sailors, of course!

In the last five years, the club has trebled its membership, and it’s easy to see why, with a member’s programme brimming with activity on and off the water. With an extensive training programme and impressive fleet of rental boats, kayaks, and paddleboards, getting on the water has never been easier at Arnside.

Low tide, high tide, it doesn’t matter

The introduction of water sports and a varied programme of water activities maximises the available sailing time, enabling more people to get on the water and experience everything Arnside offers.

In 2020 the club purchased 11 paddleboards, a few kayaks, and canoes; these new acquisitions appealed to local people when they sought an easier-to-learn outdoor activity.

“Our visibility on the estuary allowed us to showcase the variety of water sports and activities we offer, and this helped us reach more people and give more people the opportunity to try something new.” Commodore Alasdair Simpson

The heart of the community

Situated at the top of Morecombe Bay on the Kent Estuary, the club is blessed with good views. Yet it is the community that makes Arnside Sailing Club, with approximately 10% of village residents active members.

The clubhouse also opens its doors as a regular meeting place for Ukrainian Refugees, with some families taking the opportunity to experience the estuary on this season’s Discover Sailing weekend.

Arnside Sailing Club is also set to host a Water Sports day for pupils of Arnside Primary School. Whilst some attendees may already be part of a family membership, this will be their first experience of paddle boarding and sailing at low tide for many young people.

…and when they are not on the water, the Old Customs House on the promenade doubles as a live music venue with a unique music and social events programme for members and non-members alike.

So, whether you are a steadfast sailor, want to try your hand at water sports, or enjoy a get-together with friends, there’s certainly something in the water that keeps people coming back to Arnside.


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