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Published on: 18 January 2023

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Here at British Marine, we have been reviewing how we share our industry updates, latest news and members’ news to make it timelier and more efficient. As a result, we will be making some changes to how we share our news and to ‘Latest News’, our fortnightly e-newsletter.

Currently, we share all our news and news from our members, via the fortnightly e-newsletter and followed by being shared across our social media channels. This results in news stories all landing on our website on the same day and delays stories appearing on our social channels.

To try and alleviate this issue, from 20 January 2023, we will be moving to a new format and sharing news on a daily basis. 

As soon as we have a news story or an industry update it will be shared on the British Marine website and across our social channels on the same day. This will be the same for any news stories we receive from our members. Members who submit a news story will have it published the same day on the British Marine website and optimised for issue on our social channels, provided it is received by 11.30am – otherwise it will be shared the following day.


The benefit of moving to this new format is that we will have a constant flow of up to date and timely articles hitting our website newsfeed and our social media channels, as well as offering an improved service to our members, sharing their stories in a more timely fashion.


As a result of this change there will also be changes to the e-newsletter. Currently ‘Latest News’ is made up of British Marine press releases and articles, association news, and press releases submitted by members and distributed on a fortnightly basis. Instead of holding submitted news until the next available issue, the newsletter will now be a round-up of news shared over the previous two weeks. This gives us the opportunity to reshare news and ensure that anyone who missed a story on the website or our social media platforms will get another opportunity to view it directly from their inbox.


As the newsletter will now be a retrospective look at the news from the previous two weeks it will be renamed Marine Talk, look out for the first issue out on 2 February 2023. 


Submit your news


As a British Marine member, you have the unique opportunity to promote your business news on the British Marine website, social media channels and to over 6,000 e-newsletter subscribers.

Submitting your news is easy:

  • Email your press release to
  • Submit your article before 11.30am to be shared on the British Marine website and social channels that day (your article will also be saved and included in the next e-newsletter)
  • Ensure you include a medium/high-res image to accompany your story

Note, there is no limit to the number of press releases you can submit each year, however articles will be posted at the discretion of the British Marine communications team.

We very much welcome any feedback you may have on the new process and if you have any questions, please email the editor at


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