French Yachts

French Yachts Spearo
<p>Revolutionary walkaround center cabin configuration featuring tournament and spear-fishing outfitting and twin 7′ long bunks built of lifetime construction technology. Hand Crafted Epoxy, Carbon, Kevlar!</p><p><strong>Call for Additional Details!</strong></p><br> <b>Construction</b> <br><ul><li>Epoxy Corecell and 3M Honeycomb ...
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French Yachts Jager
<p><strong>41′ Custom Steve French Yachts Jager with a big boat fit and finish.</strong></p><p><strong>AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY IN 4 MONTHS!</strong></p><p><strong>AVAILABLE AS AN INBOARD OR OUTBOARD!</strong></p><p><strong>FUEL TYPE – GASOLINE OR DIESEL!</strong></p><p><strong>DETAILS – Hand Crafted Epoxy, Carbon, Kevlar!</strong></p><p><strong>An ...
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