Hanse 348 #129
<br> <p> <strong>NEW HANSE 348<br>German Innovation, German Engineered, German Quality</strong></p> <p> <strong>This Hanse 348 is available to be purchased and be included in the SailTime Yacht Share Program. The owner/member will receive free moorage, ...
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Hanse 508
<br> <p>Smarter, more elegant and more comfortable than ever. The innovative Hanse 508 is the perfect yacht for relaxed blue water sailing, with its progressive design and one of the most thrilling performance levels ...
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Hanse 675
<p>Fully loaded Hanse 675 for sale.</p> <p>Contact us now for further information. </p> Navigation electronic instrumentation AIS (B&amp;G), autopilot (B&amp;G), display (B&amp;G), 2 x DSC FM (B&amp;G), echo sounder (B&amp;G), electronic motor control (stb ...
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