Member Turnover Declarations: Be Prepared

Published on: 24 March 2022


Thanks to your ongoing support this year, British Marine has been able to provide a continued level of service to members; from Brexit guidance, to national and local representation, Southampton International Boat Show, and the inaugural National Conference.

It is nearly time to redeclare your marine turnover – the online form will open for submissions on Monday 28 March.

With just over three months until the new membership year begins, we require you to redeclare your turnover to ensure you are charged the correct membership fee at the correct level of membership. The form will be accessible on the British Marine website and only requires completion of a few questions. In preparation, if you can ensure you collect your business marine turnover and the dates of the financial year to which this applies.

Confirmation that the form is live and completion instructions will be circulated on Monday. You will have until 5pm on Friday 29 April to complete.


If you are the primary contact for your company and are a member of British Marine and you don’t have access to the website, do not worry. We will be creating these in the coming days for you. You may receive an email asking you to set a password. If you have any issues, click ‘Forgotten Password’ and you will be able to reset your password.

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