New benefit for RYA affiliates

The RYA Legal team has launched a new toolkit to aid clubs (including Class Associations and Sailability Groups) with navigating the complexities of legal governance and compliance. The new document, ‘RYA Compliance Toolkit,’ is available now to download from ClubZone and covers the essential legal and regulatory requirements involved in running a club.

The Toolkit has been developed to assist clubs with management of the day-to-day running and directs users to relevant RYA Guidance. It has been divided into unincorporated, incorporated, CASC and charitable models to help the user navigate to the subject needed. The document enables the user to navigate directly to the resource required, therefore saving time and preventing the scanning and searching of the entire document. Some sections apply to certain clubs e.g. unincorporated / incorporated clubs and some sections include topics which apply to all types of club.

Commenting on the Toolkit, Mandy Peters, RYA Legal Manager, said: “This is the first time that we have consolidated all the legal necessities for a club into one functional document. We hope that bringing these subjects together will make meeting legal and regulatory compliance easier and will act as a vital time saving device for clubs.” 

If you are affiliated to the RYA, you can begin to navigate the legal requirements applicable to your club by downloading the RYA Compliance Toolkit from ClubZone now.  

If you have any questions relating to the Toolkit, or you are a RYA Member and have a legal concern, contact:  



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