Sailing clubs facing challenging futures due to rising energy costs

The RYA Facilities and Utilities Survey was conducted to help the RYA understand what facilities clubs and centres have in place and to highlight any current or future / forecasted challenges in light of the cost-of-living crisis. The data will help the RYA prioritise help for affiliates and centres and focus resources.

The data indicates that grassroots sailing clubs are facing difficult decisions with rising fuel and energy costs. The data received from the 73 respondents has been used to improve the RYA’s understanding of the impact of rising costs on RYA affiliated clubs and recognised training centres. The key findings reflect the challenging landscape recently identified in the Cost-of-Living Crisis Survey by the Sports and Recreation Alliance (SRA). 

Key findings

  • 75% agreed or strongly agreed that rising energy costs would impact the club or centre’s finances. 
  • 73% agreed or strongly agreed that energy efficiency was important to the club or centre.
  • 64% of respondents have seen their club or centre’s cost of energy increase over the past 12-months.  
  • 53% of respondent’s sailing areas were situated in or adjacent to an area designated for nature conservation. 
  • 19% thought it unlikely or very unlikely that the Government’s recently announced financial support would offset current financial challenges.

Rob Clark, RYA Director of Sport Development, commented: “The results from the RYA Facilities and Utilities Survey highlights the significant financial hurdles that clubs and centres across the country are currently managing. 

“Grassroots sports clubs play an integral role in local communities and failing to support them during this time could have long-term effects for both the physical and mental health of participants. The key findings have been shared with the SRA and we will continue to support them with their lobbying efforts to Government on behalf of the sector.”

Online support

The Green Blue website has a wealth of information and advice for clubs and centres on managing facilities and lowering energy usage. It also has free downloadable checklists and toolkits to help lower both your club’s energy omissions and bills. 

Sport England have also created a step-by-step guide for sports facilities interested in reducing their energy costs.  

To find information on the latest grants and funding opportunities available for your club or centre, visit the Funding Opportunities page in ClubZone.  

RYA affiliates that are concerned about the outlook of their club or centre should contact the RYA Legal team: 

If you have any questions regarding the RYA Facilities and Utilities Survey, please contact the RYA Environment and Sustainability team by emailing: