Scouts Set Sail at Winsford Flash Sailing Club

wide shot of sailing boats on a lake

The event that the Sea Cadets supported provided a first opportunity for many Scouts, Cubs and explorers to spend some time on the water, with sailing taking place on the Flash, a 90- acre lake created by the collapse of salt mines and the flooding of the River Weaver.

To support the scouts to get on the water, the Sea Cadets provided six RS Quest dinghies and volunteers, whilst marshalling, briefing and the helms were managed by Winsford Sailing Club, who also put on an impressive BBQ for participants.

With three hundred burgers and over one hundred children sailing, the day was a great success. The day provided an introduction to sailing, with each child enjoying the opportunity to steer and hold the mainsheet whilst learning about the different parts of the boat and how the boat sails towards the wind.

Inevitably the children soon discovered that the water was warm, with many enjoying a swim in the Flash and a pirate adventure! Much soaking of the crew and boarding enemy vessels, inflatable sea creatures and football grenades made for a bank full of smiling and laughing children.

“Can I jump in yet?” was the most famous quote of the day – Andrew Littler, Sea Cadets.

Many parents commented that they didn’t know the club was there and have been encouraged to come back for the junior sailing on Friday evenings.

“On behalf of the cubs of the 26th and the scouts of 26th /41st I would like to pass on a huge thank you to all involved in the sailing taster session. All our young people had a fabulous time, and I had so many positive comments from parents, some of whom are interested in learning more about becoming involved.”-Scout leader.

And the positive feedback from parents and participants keeps rolling in…

“Brilliant day, what a great experience for the Scouts! My son loved it, thank you!” Parent

“Fantastic day watching our children sailing; we felt like we were on holiday.” Parent

docked sail boats

“I enjoyed it, and it was quite relaxing”  Alex, age 13

And we will leave the final word to the District Commissioner of South West Cheshire Scouts:

“To say a huge thank you to all of the Scouts, Cadets and Sailing club members who ran the Sailing Taster session yesterday. All of the Cubs and Scouts from the 26th had a wonderful time, and as a leader, it was great to hear the screams of delight and see the smiling faces as everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.” Ian Potts District Commissioner

A second session is planned for September.

Congratulations to organisers Jonathan Latham (WFSC), Rob Galloway (South West Cheshire Scouts) and Andrew Littler (Sea Cadets); a lot of hard work and planning clearly made for a fantastic day.

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