Sunseeker launches mental health first aid programme

Published on: 04 August 2022

Mental Health First Aid personnel

Sunseeker held its inaugural wellbeing workshop for more than 50 of its Mental Health First Aiders earlier this month. Since launching its wellbeing strategy nine months ago, over 350 wellbeing conversations have been had between Mental Health First Aiders and employees. Trained by Mental Health First Aid England, the First Aiders are able to offer advice and signposting to a range of support networks.


Nathan, a carpenter at Sunseeker International, commented: “As a Mental Health First Aider, I recognise the need for an initiative such as this in the workplace. The role of a Mental Health First Aider is to break down barriers and encourage open discussion in the workplace. Peer to peer communication is a personal and progressive first step in seeking professional help for anyone experiencing a mental health concern.


“This is a brilliant programme and I’m delighted that Sunseeker has invested in mental health support. The ability to identify the factors affecting mental health, the symptoms associated with mental health conditions and to be able to offer Mental Health First Aid is a skill I will be able to use in my personal and professional life.”


Sian Dodds, HR director at Sunseeker International, added: “The Mental Health First Aider’s will play a vital role in the development of our wider Health and Safety strategy. In addition to the launch of this programme, 90 percent of line managers have now completed the MHFA England Adult Mental Health Awareness Course. Adult mental health awareness training is now firmly part of our mandatory training for all line managers. The health, wellbeing and safety of the workforce is of paramount importance to the company and the MHFA programme is a positive step towards our renewed focus on mental health in the workplace.”


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