“Take the jump. Get out to an event” – RS200 Nationals ELYC

We went to North Berwick to catch up with the RS200 Class Nationals at East Lothian Yacht Club to speak with some of the participants to hear what advice they have.



Roo Purvis

 “It’s a pretty amazing day right now, there’s a lot of very good sailors and it’s good fun.  My top advice for sailors coming to their first event is probably just have no fear and ask as many questions as possible and learn for everyone because they’re really friendly.”


Amy & Molly

“This is our first nationals sailing together, we’re sisters and everything’s competitive between us. I like the location and good group of people as well, and everyone’s super friendly.”


“It’s an all-round sport ,it’s physical, it’s mental and it’s nice to get out there, you know different days, different conditions, definitely take the jump and try and get to an event. Maybe put on a Facebook page and you’re looking for someone to sail with.”


“Use your buddies as well, you get a buddy system at this Nationals, so you get a bronze boat, a silver boat and a gold boat in the dinghy park together and you can use them get some tips on rigging tips,  you can use them to help launch or to socialize with just have a chat and know going on just an extra bit of friendliness where you just enter the boat park when you might not know anyone, whereas being in the little system where it’s three boats together you kind of work together and there is a prize for the top Buddy Team so you know you want to help each other and have the best time.”


Action images from the RS200 Nationals In North Berwick


Harry & Christopher

“The RS200 class has a good reputation for being like a fun class, very social. I liketo push myself, go fast, and see how well I can do against some other top sailors”


Finlay and Ruairidh

“We thought this would be a good boat to start doing some double-handed work this is my best friend in sailing, so I want to get out sailing with them.”

“The 200 is a fun double hander and the events in Scotland so it’s not far away from home club.”


Alex and Andy

“It’s sociable, it’s a lot of fun and it’s a really nice boat that goes really fast downwind with a great weight range for a male or female helm or crew, whichever way around you want to do it.”


Tess and Alastair

“It’s in Scotland it’s local and it’s just something fun to do. I really like racing and I like the social as well and I like the competitiveness.”

“I love how tight and close the racing is on the water and it’s really good just to do with your mates.”

Action images from the RS200 Nationals In North Berwick

Rose and Jess

“I’m here to have fun and just learn about the boat. Actually, I sailed the boat for the first time yesterday so it’s very new! I have not taken part in a RS 200 Nationals so it’s my first time.”


“This is my third Nationals actually. We’re not maybe the most competitive, well we are competitive but we’re not going to win. I’m very new and I’ve barely sail the 200 very much, but I think it’s such like a high standard like all the racing like all the sailors are just so good. I think that’s good because like when you’re out there if you’re just starting out like you can learn from so many people.”


“I like that there’s new situations that you don’t get to explore in club racing, like with more boat on boat stuff and all of the same class, as well because all in the same class you only get like four or five maybe if it’s a good day but here it’s all 200s,  so you don’t have to think about oh is this bro like what’s that handicap and all that sort of thing as well. You’re just going to get some good racing.”


It is great to hear some of the thoughts of the competitors from this year’s RS200 Nationals. With many events taking place over the summer, we hope to share further insights behind the scenes of what makes sailing events great. Both the host club and the class association had a great mix and we look forward to hearing from them in our next look at events. 


The RYA host a range of information on Racing, whatever type you enjoy, and you can find out more on the RYA Racing pages.



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