The MCA has released amended guidance for designers and operators of small passenger ships to take into account passengers with disabilities, and mobility issues.

Published on: 24 March 2022


The MCA has released an amendment to MGN (Marine Guidance Note) 306. MGN 306 amendment 1  – Designing and operating smaller passenger vessels: guidance on meeting the needs of persons with disabilities was published on the 17 March 2022.

The purpose of this guidance document is to help ensure that the design and operation of smaller passenger ships meet the needs of people with reduced mobility as effectively as possible. The words “…Needs of Persons with Reduced Mobility”, in the title of this MGN are interpreted broadly and are intended to include any limitations, physical or mental, which persons may have on their ability to navigate their way around the ship or interact with safety guidance.

This Amendment to MGN 306(M) includes changes in legislation and general updating, including contact details for useful organisations.

MGN 306 amendment 1 can be downloaded here.

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