Welcome Afloat! New course date – Tuesday 14 March 2023, Southampton

Published on: 25 January 2023

Welcome Afloat 25-01

The one-day training course gives participants today’s core customer service skills – reflecting the latest techniques and best practice.


Welcome Afloat is a highly practical customer service training course, using varied active training styles to give participants the skills and knowledge they can immediately use in the workplace. It is a flexible course and can be tailored to include content and knowledge specific to destinations and businesses.


At a glance

  • To support member organisations in their endeavour to maintain the highest levels of customer care, service, and quality
  • To help the teams to attract and retain customers, and understand customer needs and expectations
  • To ensure that the organisations consistently offer exceptional levels of customer service, aiming to exceed expectations and gain repeat business/recommendations
  • To equip teams with the skills to communicate and connect with customers and colleagues; including how to deal with challenges such as complaints
  • To encourage people to act as ambassadors for their organisations, aiming to keep customers for life.

Is it right for me?

If you work in the Leisure Marine Tourism Sector in a customer facing role, this course is for you.


What will I learn?

  • Develop proactive communications skills
  • Recognise different customer expectations and how to meet them
  • Better understand their frontline sales and service role
  • Be confident in effectively tackling difficult situations
  • Learn why teamwork is vital in a customer-facing environment

What will it cover?

  • Attracting and Attaining Customers
  • Inspiring your customers and making a difference
  • Meeting and exceeding expectations
  • Creating a great boating experience
  • Excellence for everyone
  • Communication successfully
  • Resolving challenging situations
  • Promoting boating and your business
  • Keeping customers for life

For further information and enquiries – please email Kitty, kjudd@britishmarine.co.uk  


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