Welcome OnBoard Wembley Sailing Club

Why join OnBoard?

Tom Dalrymple from the club writes: “We are a community amateur sport club located on the Welsh Harp (Brent Reservoir) 30 minutes from the heart of London.

“We believe that sailing is more than just a sport, it can be a tool for personal growth and development and creates an environment that builds bridges and fosters an understanding between groups and individuals. However, we also recognise that sailing in the UK lacks diversity. It is sometimes seen as an exclusive, middle class sport, generally inaccessible.

“In 2023 we set out to begin to change that in our area. We committed to work closely with the community in north west London, striving to create a strong, inclusive environment that welcomes and embraces diversity. The tools that the Onboard program provide can help us do this. It will connect with local schools and organisations to ensure that sailing is being offered to all sectors of our community. Their adapted teaching plans will provide an excellent platform for personal growth, promoting determination, independence, teamwork, creativity, communication, and confidence in all that sail with us.

“Together with OnBoard we hope to alter the public perception of sailing and in turn create a diverse and vibrant environment where all feel welcome.”

Ukrainian scouts at Wembley

The club has also arranged sailing sessions for Ukrainian scouts based in London as previously reported here with two events completed in March and April this year (see photos) and a further one planned in May.

Ukrainian scouts at Wembley SC 739x432 March 2023

Launched in 2005 OnBoard has helped introduce nearly 1,000,000 young people across the country to sailing and windsurfing. Wembley joins more than 50 other clubs and centres in London and the South East providing OnBoard activities.

Hannah Cockle, RYA OnBoard Operations Officer, comments; “It’s great to welcome Wembley Sailing Club to the OnBoard programme. Getting out on the water has a huge amount of benefits, no matter what your age, background or ability. We look forward to working with them and the local community in the future.”

Find out more about Wembley Sailing Club and RYA OnBoard

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