Wessex Resins and Adhesives to showcase PRO-SET epoxy systems at JEC World 2023

Published on: 26 April 2023

Pro-set-at-jec-world (1)

Wessex Resins has confirmed that it is attending this year’s JEC World, Paris on 25-27 April and will be taking its PRO-SET® epoxy team to Hall 5 – F23. 


The event brings together global companies – such as Wessex Resins, which manufactures and distributes WEST SYSTEM®, PRO-SET and ENTROPY RESINS® epoxy under licence from Gougeon Brothers Inc and distributes these leading brands across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The show is described as a unique showcase of what composites can offer to various application sectors, from aerospace to marine, through construction and automotive. 


“We’re delighted to support JEC World and to once again attend this excellent event for showcasing PRO-SET epoxy and its incredible properties. It’s used around the world for the most incredible projects, from Maguire Boats to Spirit Yachts,” says Ian Oliver, MD, Wessex Resins. 


Visitors to the stand will be able to examine a PRO-SET epoxy infused rudder from Spirit Yachts’ incredible 111 and an engine bonnet for the Porsche 911/964s. The team will also be happy to discuss the latest innovations in bio-based epoxies. 


PRO-SET products are now used on all Ovington’s OK Dinghies mouldings and have been since 2022. According to Ovington MD, Chris Turner, the complete boat is made using PRO-SET epoxy because it allows them to have a consistently well-built product. Recently Wessex Resins announced that PRO-SET is sponsoring the upcoming International OK Dinghy 2023 World Championships, to be held at Lyme Regis Sailing Club 22-30 June 2023. The event – consisting of ten races – is expected to attract over 100 competitors from New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, France and Norway among other nations. PRO-SET is a title sponsor, alongside Ovington Boats. 


Previously, PRO-SET epoxy has been used by University of Manchester students to make a bespoke single-seater car to race at Silverstone in the Formula Student competition – the world’s largest student engineering design competition with entries from around the world, including USA, Australia, India, Canada and the Far East, as well as a wealth of European teams. 


It’s also been used to make epoxy infused engine bonnets for Porsche 911/964s as owners move to carbon infused parts to reduce weight, especially from the rear of vehicles. Reproduced in carbon fibre by James Newman from J-Tec Composites, the company uses PRO-SET INF 114 Resin with high temperature 249-HT Hardener to infuse the carbon fibre – the cured epoxy provides the high temperature resistance needed for the component. 


Also, a little-known fact about Wessex Resins and Adhesives is that it’s made over 50 bespoke chemical formulations (epoxy adhesives, coatings, etc.) for clients with very specific needs over the past 20 years and is more than happy to discuss composite infusion challenges. If you have a project where PRO-SET epoxy presents an appropriate materials choice and requires focused technical expertise to assist your materials choice and composite process engineering then do make sure you find us. 


Find Wessex Resins and Adhesives in Hall 5, Booth F23.